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Joey Paul Jensen – Talent Coach

Each child’s power and talent is unique. Joey Paul Jensen’s purpose is to guide young actors to become successful thinkers and build great leadership qualities in their acting and in their life.  She develops professional actors in Hollywood, schools across the country, and actors all over the world.
As a casting director for film and tv projects, she assembles the strongest talent  to bring a creative work to life. She even auditions growing companies for investors looking to find a perfect match for their industry.
My wish for you is to develop true confidence – the kind that comes from command of your craft.
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I have known Joey Paul for almost 15 years. I don’t know anyone in the industry more professional. If you are fortunate enough to have Joey agree to teach you or your child the art and skill of acting, JUMP at the opportunity!”

Steve Thompson – Trifecta Management

Class Announcements
February 16, 2021

New Classes Announced!

Joey Paul Jensen’s specially designed acting curriculum develops the actor to feel the power and uniqueness of their talent. Classes cover a wide range of skills including comedy improv, dramatic…
September 2, 2020


Just because you are hearing doesn’t mean you are really listening. Active listening is the first step in learning how to be a great actor. Great listening is not only hearing but…
August 24, 2020

My Philosophy

My philosophy can help parents or young "up and comers" push through themselves if they need help to stay on course or create their path with the dream they want…
Class Announcements
August 18, 2020

Zooming Audition to Screencast

Zooming Audition to Screen Test Hollywood Showcase Denver Presents: August 29th, 1-4pm MST – Adults 17+ One Day 3 hour session with Joey Paul Jensen CSA Casting Director, Producer Call…