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My philosophy can help parents or young “up and comers” push through themselves if they need help to stay on course or create their path with the dream they want for their life. I want to teach them that the same practice I teach in their acting is the same practice they can use in their life. The two roads can be parallel in making strong decisions and then have a great synergistic outcome that can last a lifetime. My philosophy comes from me being a former talent, a casting director, and an acting coach who can give insight on both perspectives. Actors or parents helping young actors pursue the industry are always told to make strong decisions  whether it’s about the craft or the business itself. Good  decisions in the craft, the business, or life have to do with perspective and understanding alternatives. If one is an actor, they are limited to that perspective. If one is a casting director, they are limited to that perspective. If someone such as myself has experience as both, and also has a persistent desire to articulate the perspective of both, then great insight can be shared to  help others and empower them to achieve better success in their career and life.

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